Research Articles

QiGong for the Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of COVID-19 Infection in Older Adults.

Tai Chi and Bone Mineral Density.

QiGong and Fatigue, Sleep.

Tai Chi Improves Sleep Quality in Healthy Adults and Patients with Chronic Conditions: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi. Jahnke et al.

Books: Philosophy and Practice References

The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through QiGong ad Tai Chi. Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.

Tao Te Ching: A New English Version. Stephen Mitchell

The Dao De Jing: A QiGong Interpretation. Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi. Peter M. Wayne, Ph.D. Mark L. Fuerst.

Meditation, An In-Depth Guide. Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson.

Body Into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care. Maria Noel Groves.

The Whole Foods Diet. John Mackey, Alona Pulde M.D. and Matthew Lederman M.D.

Walking on Air: Tai Chi Life Practice. Nzazi Malonga.

The Relaxation Response. Herbert Benson, M.D.

The Breakout Principle. Herbert Benson M.D. and William Proctor.


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