New Outdoor Classes Starting in August

I’m excited to begin offering two new classes starting in August. The first class will be Tai chi Foundations, offered in the West LA area in outdoor settings. This class will focus on the fundamentals of QiGong and Tai chi: breathing, flowing dynamic movement, meditation, and shifting the nervous system to a restorative state.

The second class, Tai Chi Flex, will focus on agility, mobility, balance and flexibility for outdoor athletes of all types: hikers, surfers, swimmers, and runners. Learn how to use qigong and tai chi as an active recovery workout and smooth out your rough edges through flowing, dynamic movement.

I will continue to offer my online classes twice a week on Sundays and Thursdays, where we practice the Vitality Enhancement Method from the Institute for Integral QiGong and Tai Chi and the QiGong of the Animals, my animal-based movement system of tai chi and qigong practice, based on the Five Animal Frolics and modern body-mind scientific research.